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Type of Account Noah Personal Statement Savings Noah Clover Club Account Noah Personal Smart Savings
Description Enjoy the traditional saving account featuring a low minimum balanace. The perfect rainy-day account for savers of all ages. Have excess funds to high interest earnings.
Minimum Opening Deposit $300 Initial monthly deposit amount varies based on the contract amount $25,000
Service Charge $12 None $12
Minimum Balance Requirement to Waive Service Charge Maintain monthly average collected balance of $300 N/A Maintain monthly average collected balance $25,000
Transaction Charge $25 per debit transaction in excess of 6 (1) None $10 per debit transaction in excess of 1 (2)
Earn Interest Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Balance Requirement to Obtain Interest Maintain a minimum average daily balance of $300 Monthly installment amount is required. Maintain a minimum average daily balance of $25,000

The content of this page is informational only.
Terms, conditions and fees for accounts, products, programs and services are subject to change without prior notice.
Please refer to the Account Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, the Deposit Account Agreement and Account Terms & Condition Disclosure for complete detail.
Other fees and charges may apply.
The account is covered by FDIC insurance up to maximum allowed by law.
(1) Only six (6) preauthorized transfers or withdrawals are permitted per statement cycle by checks, draft, debit card or similar order payable to other accounts or to third parties. Excess of 6 transactions during statement cycle incur Transaction Fees.
(2) Only one (1) preauthorized debit transaction is permitted per monthly statement cycle. Transactions which exceed limits will incur the Transaction Fee per excessive transaction.