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We would like to offer our valued customers some helpful tips on how to protect your sensitive information from online scams such as phishing scams and e-mail hoaxes.

Here are some helpful tips for you to always safeguard your personal and financial information online.

  • Never share your user ID and password with anyone. Do not use information that can be easily guessed or obtained by others such your name and your phone number as your password and your user ID.
  • Create a unique user ID and a strong password containing mix of at least one alpha and one numeric/special character using both upper and lower case for alphabetic characters. Change your password frequently.
  • Always check the authentication image and the pass phrase are correct before you enter your password for Noah Bank’s online banking. If you do not recognize them, do not attempt to login and contact your local branch for immediate assistance.
  • Install latest anti-virus software, update it as needed and schedule a virus scan regularly to detect, remove and also prevent any unwanted and dangerous virus on your personal computer.
  • Be aware of adware and malware (or also known as malicious software) which will affect your computer in harmful ways and obtain necessary security software to prevent them from infecting your computer.
  • Use firewall to prevent unwanted entry to your computer without your authorization.
  • Do not open an e-mail attachment from an unknown sender.
  • Check your transactions regularly and contact your local branch immediately for any unusual activity.
  • Stay alert on latest online scams
  • Please remember that we will never contact you via a link in an unsolicited e-mail to obtain your personal financial information such as your social security number and your debit card number.

Information Security Awareness

  • Email Security: Never share your password, account number, PIN or answers to personal security questions with anyone via email. Do not click an email link from an unknown sender.
  • Social Networking: Thieves will create fake social network sites such as Twitter, YouTube and etc. to trick you into giving up personal information. Always verify it is a legitimate site when accessing any social networking site.
  • Phishing: Never open an email link or an email attachment from an unknown sender from a suspicious email, which will try to trick into revealing personal information to the attacker.
  • Malware: Install and keep anti-virus software up-to-date and perform virus scans regularly to prevent any malicious software attack

Remote Financial Services Protection

When using our remote financial services via Internet Banking, you should utilizing the following controls to protect your financial records:

  • Never share your login credentials with anyone.
  • Always use a strong and unique password and User ID.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Regularly perform anti-virus software scan.
  • Be aware of the latest software updates and technical security requirements when utilizing the financial services.

Noah Bank is always committed to safeguarding your financial information! Call us at 855-272-Noah(6624) or e-mail us at to report any suspicious activity.