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Noah Bank announces it is offering CardValet®, a new card management and fraud mitigation tool for debit cardholders. Cardholders simply download the free app from the Apple® App Store or Google® Play Store, and then they can actively manage their debit cards.

“With this new and powerful debit card management tool, our cardholders can set parameters for when, where and how their debit card is used,” Noah bank said. “It’s easy to turn ‘off’ their debit card from their smartphone, and then turn it back ‘on’ when they want to use it.”

The on/off feature is only one of the safeguards available with CardValet®. Using the GPS system in the smart phone, geographic use restrictions can be established. Other controls can restrict usage by merchant and spending limit. Real time alerts create another layer of fraud protection with notice that a transaction was attempted, declined, or both.

CardValet® puts the control of debit cards right into the cardholders’ hands. Link more than one account to keep track of all debit cards in one easy-to-use application.

CardValet® is also ideal for small businesses. All transactions can be monitored or controlled for specific merchant categories, such as travel, restaurants or entertainment, and can be denied or reported for types of merchants deemed not business related.

“CardValet is ideal for users who want to actively manage their cards. The inventive and thoughtful approach to card management makes the user experience as easy as possible. Noah Bank is excited to offer this tool to our cardholders! Not only is CardValet® user-friendly and convenient, but it will aide in our continued efforts to prevent fraud and identity theft for our cardholders.

For more information, contact the local branches of Noah Bank.