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Noah Bank upgraded the card management solution which is a next generation digital solution that integrates directly with the Mobility mobile banking application to deliver connected digital-first payment experiences to consumers. This new feature offers a multitude of debit card management functions that creates control, convenience and transparency across

What are the key features of Card Management?

  • Card controls and alerts
  • Self-service features
  • Spend insights and enriched transaction details

How do users access new features?

It’s easy to access. Once users go into the mobile banking app, they will click “My Cards” to access all the features, from within the same app.

Do users need two apps?

No, the features are integrated right into your mobile banking app, so no additional app is necessary.

How does it benefit consumers? Yes, will allow consumers to:
Manage cards on-the-go with advanced controls and self-service options
Understand spending clearly with quick spending insights, recurring/card-on-file merchant identification and transactions enriched with clear merchant names, logos, interactive maps, and contact information.
Engage in real time with transaction alerts.

For more information, contact the local branches of Noah Bank.